18 August 2006

Photo 10

A family friend ready to go to Cadets, again with my S602. I think i have got a good clean shot. Do you agree or not?

Photo 9

Taken with my older Fuji Finepix S602 Zoom, this flower stood out along a Welsh riverbank near Porth. Do you like flowers?

Photo 8

An unknown gentleman at Dan-yr-Ogof show caves in the Upper Swansea Valley, it just looked so right as a Black & White shot. Do you agree?

Photo 7

While taking a short food break this Squirrel came right up to us looking for scraps, it was rewarded with some oatmeal biscuits. taken quickly as it was very nervous and kept running about around us so hard to get it in view and in focus for long. What are your thoughts?

Photo 6

Waiting for me to catch up again, there is a lot of that when i'm out with the camera, but a nice little family shot i think. And you?

Photo 5

A nice low branch to lean over and happy to do so. Are you happy with it?

Photo 4

Sitting waiting for us to catch up, i thought it made a nice composition though so made here stay a little longer while i snaped away. Comments?

Photo 3

This tree caught my eye for the unusual branch shapes, does it catch your eye too?

Photo 2

Wife and "Adopted" Daughter at St Fagans museum near Cardiff. They seem to be happy but what are your comments on the Photo?

The First Photo

Ok, on with the show, here are the first pictures for you to review:

One of the first shots taken with my new Fuji Finepix S9500 Zoom Camera. Shot in to the sun at the bottom of my garden to see how it reacted to the light, very well i think! what are your thoughts?

The Begining!

Hello and welcome to my Blog, a spot for you to see and hear about my photography but also for you to tell me what you think of my pictures. I am most definetely an ametuer photographer although I have been taking snaps for many years on and off now. I will use Photoshop 7 to edit my photo's if needed but prefer to keep it simple and as close to the original as possible with just a light touch up if needed. I am on a new return to Photography after a several year break and looking forward to getting back into this amazing hobby with lots of zest. Please view my photos and leave comments as you see fit, hopefully they will help me to improve and maybe give others ideas and inspiration to jump in to.